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Training Programs
RishiCool training programs focus on helping students to attain employability skills and basic workplace knowledge for helping students overcome the above difficulties and equip them with all the necessary attributes that will lead to their successful careers.

Our programs vary from three days refresher before the campus to 20 days spread over a period of time, depending on the student/company requirement with placement support.

RishiCool also conducts, “Train The Trainer” trainings for helping the college lecturers facilitate better. These trainings help the lecturer in motivating students, making them proactive, generate interest in the subject, etc.


RishiCool has managed to change the attitude of our students. Apart from confidence; the professionalism that they exhibit makes us feel that they are ready to face the corporates. We have given them technical skills but RishiCool has given them the skills that’ll take them places. .
- A Principal from an Engineering College in North Maharashtra