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Training Methods

The training methodology at RishiCoolprimarily involves identifying the gap in the students (in terms of a lack in knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or abilities).Once the gap between the desired and the actual competencies has been identified the next step is to bridge this gap through our thoroughly designed trainings programs.

For a training session to be successful and highly effective we believe in integrating the sessions with


Participants are given activity/ tasks individually or in a team with instructions. Their behavior is observed post which a well crafted debriefing is done to explain the trainees of the concept.

Role plays


Participants are given a situation and role in a well simulated, real-time situation. Here their behavior is observed and they are given a constructive feedback. E.g. Personal Interviews, GD’s or Presentation..



Over a period of time videos have been found as one of the most interesting and captivating method of learning.

Outbound/ Indoor Games


Participants are made to play certain games designed by psychologists and our expert trainers for observing the trainee behavior which is then concept-wise debriefed to them. For certain a topic like team building, this method is found to be more effective, as it creates right environment and encourages participant to be free, drop the artificial face and act natural and hence true self comes out.

Interaction with the students combined with powerful Motivation and Confidence Building at each step.

A good blend of the above factors brings about a positive and a prevailing change at all the four levels of the Kirkpatrick’s model - Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results. Mix of all above methods are used by us to train students on various topics, rather than only presentation or lecture, which at times become boring for students.

Research and experience says that traditional class room learning though is mandatory fully or partially in certain subjects, the best method of learning is “Learning By Experience”, which is nothing but creating right environment, using right activity, communicating right message, touching right emotions, making person think and sowing seeds of thought for need to change. Post which showing the way for the same gets more attention, seriousness and commitment.    

The trainings were pure fun. Learning through a unique style of activities was a great experience. The six days of trainings with RishiCool has completely changed my life. I not only know a lot but also where and how to use it! I am confident to face any company selection process now. I am confident to face any company selection process now. .
- A Student from an Engineering College in North-East Maharashtra