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Spoken English

Do your heart beats increase the minute you know you have to speak in English?

Do you avoid raising your hand to answer in class (even though you have more points than your friends) due to lack of confidence or the fright to speak in English?? 

Do you think avoiding the same in office meetings can affect your growth ???

For all those students who suffer from the ‘English-o-Phobia’ here’s some good news. With RishiCool speak the crisp English you’ve always wanted to, confidently. Be it in a team, with your peers, boss, subordinates, clients or vendors charm them all with your spoken skills.

English played an important role in making the world borderless since it is the only language that links the whole world together. If not for English, the whole world may not be united as it is today. With globalization and government's open door policies, India is on the road to become one of the strongest and most prosperous nations. All the above makes English a very important language to learn for a successful career. 

Unfortunately, English is still perceived as just another language or a second language in many parts of our country. We all study graduation, engineering, MBA, MBBS and other degrees for a successful career. However our failure to put our knowledge across through English at times can make these degrees futile. Thus, to get across your ideas and leaving a lasting impression on people an impeccable language becomes mandatory.

Students primarily face the following problems…

Lack of confidence

Inability to speak fluent English

At RishiCool we believe that for having English that leaves a sweeping mark; sticking to the basics and making it simple is very important. Therefore, we primarily focus on building up the foundation of English by starting from the scratch. Since mastering a language takes time; after strengthening the fundamentals we handhold you till you get confident and we get satisfied. Thus, we build on your spoken skills along with making you extremely confident individuals.


We stress on keeping English simple so that it is understandable in a conversation. The idea is not to complicate a dialogue by speaking incomprehensible English but to keep it easy and yet leave a mark!


Since at RishiCool, we understand the need and learning bottlenecks well, we have tried to create a curriculum and methodology, which makes you realize the importance of learning it, removes fear, brings confidence and encourages you to practice further and master it. And guess what???


All this is done through a playful way of activities and exercises which is fun in itself!!

I never thought learning can be so much fun. It was amazing the way they taught us English and gave us confidence to go up to stage and speak without fear. I feel that after the RishiCool training we are so much better in terms of knowledge & awareness in comparison to students of other colleges in our district.
- A Student from an Engineering College in South Maharashtra