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What is employability

The above triangle shows how an individual moves from the entry level to the senior-most level on the career ladder and what kind of skills are expected of him by the companies at that level i.e. from fresher to Senior Executive to Manager to Senior Management to the leader of the company i.e. CXO.

The bottom most area marked with yellow color describes the skill required at entry level, i.e. while starting career.

Basic Workplace Skills: These are the fundamental technical/ domain skills that are learnt in the curriculum.

Basic Workplace Knowledge: This comprises of the knowledge of the business, the industry and career progression.

Basic Employability skills:
These are the skills essential for an individual to contribute in growing business and profitability. Research says that important skills that make a person employable are as follows:

Communication Skills Aptitude
Interpersonal Skills Adaptability
Self-management and Learning Skills Dependability
Applied foundation Skills Values
Problem Solving and Decision Making skills Emotional Intelligence

Challenges faced by students and/or major Rejection Reasons for entry level employee selection:

Communication skills Lack of logical and analytical skills
Lack of industry and company knowledge Inability to handle stress/ pressure
Lack of awareness of career options, goals
and plan
Lack of knowledge of practical application of curriculum theories.
Lack of fitment in the corporate culture Lack of aptitude to work in team
Lack of confidence Attitude
Lack of initiative and innovative approach Academic skills

At RishiCool we aim to help students overcome the above mentioned challenges and thus posses every attribute of employability.

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