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It is seen that about 90% of the academically and technically sound students do not get a chance to showcase themselves in a group discussion or interview because they FAIL in Aptitude tests. Also it is because of this reason; companies lose out on potential future assets.

Taking an aptitude test is the greatest fright amongst students. Mere the thought of taking the test leave alone appearing for one gives them the palpitations. Research shows that anxiety occurs due to varied reasons. These being:

The pressure of wanting the job

The fear of peers cracking the test

Apprehension of not being able to solve the questions

Lack of Mathematical, English and/or Logical skills

Fear of failing and thereby a sense of rejection by self, friends, lecturers and parents

Thus in order to make students fully equipped to take a test RishiCool not only trains them on various sections of aptitude test but also makes them mentally strong by boosting their self esteem. It has been proven that the elimination of fear along with strong basics of the subject works wonders for students.
RishiCool focuses on training students to solve problems with both speed and accuracy in the stipulated time by providing various tricks, short cut methods, techniques of Vedic Mathematics etc…


Thus RishiCool prepares students in such a way that:

they become polished in various aspects of their knowledge of all topics of aptitude tests

they practice vigorously such that they have tuned skills 

enhancing their confidence eventually gives them a positive attitude


Thus RishiCool not only caters to the symptoms but works on the problems such that students eventually CRACK the test which is a way of getting the interview call from the DREAM COMPANY!

We underwent Aptitude test training from RishiCool. I always feared aptitude tests and never thought it could be so much fun with knowledge of techniques and little practice. Now I am confident to clear any aptitude test given by any company and am sure to get the job of my dream.
- A student from an engineering college in Central Maharashtra