Leisure Corner

From “Humpty Dumpty” & “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” learnt in kindergarten to computer programming and other technical subjects in Graduation or Engineering, we all get into the mad race of fetching marks. Unfortunately in this chase of ranks and grade we lose the basic purpose of education which is- “LEARNING”. Then the day arrives, when we get out of our respective colleges. It is then, it dawns on us that the business world wants to know what we have learnt and how we can help them grow but all, most of us we have to offer them is, “MARKS!!!”

RishiCool was founded in order to train the students across colleges for their metamorphosis of college to corporates. The ideal world is rather too hostile, commercial & task oriented as compared to the cozy culture of the college. In a situation like this a holistic preparedness in terms of possessing the necessary knowledge, skills, ability and attitude becomes indispensable.


Therefore, at RishiCool we intend to bring about this transition by incorporating all the necessary attributes in students. There is a simulation of the real corporate world and the necessary aspects of the career; industry along with important soft-skills and behavioral aspects is introduced. This helps them to be more confident, realistic and take on life with as a continuous learning arena constantly.


RishiCool also help students get placed with good organizations & kick start their career by getting companies, willing to recruit students, to the campus.

RishiCool trainings have changed me completely. I am more confident, eager to learn, clear with my goals, sure about career options and what I want to do. ‘Thank you’ is an understatement for the RishiCool trainers.
- A student from an Engineering College in North East Maharashtra