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In the early nineties, since Indian economy was opened to the world, it was exposed to the latest technologies. The world started taking note of India and India started being leading man power to provider to the industries of the world. Along with that, Indian industry also started growing by leaps & bounds. This caused big demand for good human resource across all industries thereby, giving a boost to the educational sector, which produces this resource. 

This in turn fueled the educational industry and institutions stated mushrooming across the country. Unfortunately this also created dearth of good human resource in the education industry & further deteriorated the scenario.


One of the parameters of educational institute’s success is number of employable students produced by it and that is nothing but its placement record. Students opt for colleges, which provide them career opportunity. With education sector opening up to foreign universities, foreign education getting more and more affordable and increasing options in education it is and will get difficult to attract good students to colleges and fill all the seats available. In this scenario, the college which provides more and better career options will never have problems getting enough student applications as well as placing them, as the best lot of the region will come to them. Every college and university needs to gear up to this challenge by producing industry ready/ employable students.


Mired by scarcity of good human resource, increasing competition, increasing costs & unchanged age old education system in ever changing world, it’s becoming more and more difficult for educational institutes to maintain standards & run efficiently.


By training students on Employability skills and other services, RishiCool aims to be the solution to problems faced by education institutes.


RishiCool trainings have been phenomenal! The students look more confident to face the interviews. RishiCool has almost doubled our placements by the companies it has got on campus. We are proud to recognize their talent and give them their 1st opportunity and hope to have
a long term association
with RishiCool
- A Training & Placement Director from an Engineering College in North East Maharashtra