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Most of the graduates are worried and clueless about finding a job when they are done with college and do not get placed through campus. They see that their friends from college are all working. The only hope of getting placed is through college recruitment which further looks visibly faded. This leads to frustration, parental pressure, and a gripping feeling of self- worthlessness and high levels of demoralization.

Many of the unplaced students apply for jobs online, through job sites etc. again in vain. Because of the large number of applicants more often than not, they go unnoticed. During most other times, they don’t get through the interviews because of their unawareness of tackling them.

RishiCool has designed training program for individuals like these. Not only do we handhold students to plan their careers but also provide them with JOB assistance.

RishiCool polishes and grooms them in a meticulous way and also gives them great

Make the most of this brilliant chance. Come to RishiCool and get yourself a PLACEMENT.

Students will undergo a pre-assessment test which will be the criteria of selection for the training.
Enroll now… The limited seats will be filled on the basis of assessment and first come first serve basis.

For further queries contact: Mahek Kakkar/ Sakshi  Warang: 022-40858311/ 12

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