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Success of any company depends on 3 things, i.e. “investment - finance”, “product/ service” & “people”. Thanks to the booming economy, every company has or puts in enough in the first 2 areas but it’s the third point i.e. “People” where most of them, ranging from Small to multinational company faces problem to varied level and the best solution to that problem is…

Hire Raw Talent, Build it, Develop it & Treasure it


The strongest leverage of every organization is therefore its workforce. It therefore becomes very vital that this manpower remain on the “ASSET” side of the balance sheet rather than slipping on to the “LIABILITY” side which is a task in itself.


Since organizations go for mass recruitments from college campuses it becomes difficult to get fresh recruits who are a bunch of well trained and well groomed individuals. In this scenario, the company has to invest a lot of its time, efforts and finances on training these amateurs.


How would it be to have efficient, goal oriented, highly motivated and immensely productive employees on board? Sounds incredible??? Doesn’t it?


At RishiCool our aim is to train these fresh graduates and post graduates in such a manner that they become polished, employable and ready to be hired. A holistic training on aspects of soft skills, behavioral skills, other employability skills and technical skills helps them acquire the status of ‘MOST CRAVED FOR” employees.

Initially we only used to go to REC & BITS for our hiring needs and this year, first time tried a rural engineering college through RishiCool. Now we look forward to hiring students from such colleges every year.
- Well known retail company of leading business house of India