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About Us
RishiCool is Single Point HR Soultions (India) Pvt Ltd (formerly Epsilon Consulting) www.singlepointhr.co.in, initiative. Single Point HR is into HR Consulting since the year 2000, focusing on various areas like Executive Search & Recruitment, Training, HR Process consulting and other HR initiatives and services. RishiCool came into existence with an intention of focusing on training students in institutes.

Experience of team Single Point HR,…

as professionals in various industries, value

as recruiters mentoring & advising people on their career, CV’s & interviews,
as recruiters having knowledge of what corporates desire to have in prospective
employee &
as trainers on how to train & prepare people to increase their capacity & bring change;

along with awareness of the industry scenario on dearth of quality entry level work force, across industry, gave birth to RishiCool.

The name of was coined keeping the ancient Indian ashram systems in mind and need for practical training to today’s COOL, young generation. These early education systems not only imparted knowledge and wisdom but made education and learning a way of life. This is what we aim to do at RishiCool. We facilitate the process of passing on knowledge to students in order to look beyond and apply it gracefully in their careers of interest and life at large.


We believe that, for every professional, success comes with…

Knowledge Good etiquette and self-grooming
Planning one’s life and career Communication
Values Business Skills
Confidence Commitment

and thus having a well rounded personality. Through our training programs we get students to hone these qualities which are valuable resources for life.